Adhesives Beecombs
Bullets Coating Candies/ Sweets
Candles Car polishing wax
Carbon Paper Chewing gum
Chewing gum petroleum jelly Chocolates
Cleaners and polishes Coatings and laminations for food
Coatings for Industrial packaging papers Computer printer ribbon
Confectionary sugar Copper Industry
Copper Production Cosmetics
Crayons Creams
Dehydrated Vegetables Dental waxes
Dry batteries Electrical use
Flavors and fragrances for cosmetic Floor polishing wax
Food packing Can coating Fruit coating
Furniture polishing wax Glazing and separating agents
Graphite pencils Hair Care
Hotmelt - adhesives Investment Casting polish industry
Leather polishing wax Linoleum
Lubricants Matches
Medicine/Capsules Modeling flowers and fruits
One-time-carbon-paper Paints
Paints and lacquers Paper - and packaging industry
Papersize Pharmaceuticals
Photographic films Plastic film
Precision Casting waxes Printing inks
Resins Rubber and tires
Rubber-industry Rust preventive compounds
Rust preventives hotmelts Scalding pitch
Skin care Techn. Emulsions
Textile coatings Tire Industry
Toner Varnishes/Lacquers
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